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New Site (New Tool)!

Over this past week I’ve been building a generator to help me write this blog, whilst still keeping it as a collection of static, basic html files. As I’ve been focusing on golang, this seemed like a perfect practice in cli design mixed with some filesystem writing, low level loveliness.

I started by defining any visual changes for the new site - the main thing I settled on was a switch in colorschemes. I have been using the light version of Rose Pine for quite some time and now that my personal dev setup doesn’t match, it’s due for an upgrade.

After searching around on vim colorschemes for an afternoon, I decided on Edge; specifically, the light theme. There’s a really nice feeling you get when your editor, terminal, wallpaper, and personal blog share the same color palette.

Anyways now that the site is up and built using this tool - I hope to have a new post up soon detailing the process and all the moving pieces. Until then - look! it can still do my nice little dithered pictures and syntax highlighted code blocks ~

func ExampleMyPrint() {
    fmt.Println("It's even got syntax highlighting!")

// Output: It's even got syntax highlighting!