Well I guess I'm a 'biker' now... I found an amazing little community driven bike kitchen near my house. They let you come in and use their tools and stands to work on your bike, providing guidence when lost. Really makes the whole experience of working on your bike feel communal and guided.

In other news, I've submitted to the realm of frontend programming.. Gone are my days of building useless CLI's in Go, trudging through the Rust Book, and general tomfoolery. Now I'm trying to perfect my React architecture and be efficient with my api calls. It's not my favorite thing in the world but I'm starting to like it a lot more.

I've gotten quite lazy at both updating this site and finding new images - I do really like the current one below, so I shall keep that and continue enabling my laziness as long as I please.


So, I got a chromebook. I'm genuinly very impressed with the programming potential of these litte, cheap things. For about 300 dollars, I've got a device that can run multiple gitpod instances, watch some youtube videos, talk to coworkers and friends, and run nvim in a browser tab. There are things on here I never knew I would want to have, and it feels like every day I find a new quirk to explore. I guess I've become chromepilled and am now just waiting for the rest of the world to do literally everything within the domain of a browser window ( not very open-source of me I guess ).


Welp, both Xinrui and I are terribly sick. Went in for a covid-19 test today to see if we could rule that out - but I'm honestly not sure what this could be. I'll spare you from the list of symptoms but it has been a very tough couple of days.

In other news, I've been messing around with alternative keyboard layouts again. Workman and Colemak are the two I always come back to, always unfruitful in my efforts to unlock a secret super efficient new workflow. Yet the practice of trying to unlearn QWERTY tickles my brain in a very nice way that keeps me coming back every couple years.


Just got my first 'espresso machine' in the mail today. A Flair NEO. I'm no espresso expert by any means, but this robot looking lever contraption can make a damn good espresso considering I'm lacking on a lot of other 'ingredients' such as a $500 grinder and 0.001g tuned Acacia scale.

Currently typing this from inside a warehouse-feeling brewery in Capitol Hill. Drinking a ridiculously smooth red ale while scouring meetup.com for new avenues to meet friends with Xinrui. There's a lovely little taco truck outside pedalling hot pork but might need a slice of pizza after all this to settle the stomach. See you next time : )


I have a glass of wine, and my trusty kindle by my side, with nothing much to talk about on here. I'm still doing mostly the same things ( learning rust, working on code generators for my 9-5, trying to stay fit, and building the most over-engineered homelab possible on my budget ). Xinrui can finally walk again so we took a stroll through Costco for our re-up on rotisserie chicken, protein bars, and a failed attempt at finding group pork for homemade dumplings.

Our home is now very blue, even though not many things have been painted this color - everything else is so drab that our room mostly looks blue. Our coffee table / media center has this stickiness ( due to the latex in the paints glossy finish ) that I sort of admire for its strength, firmly securing my cup to the table at all times.


I got a new computer - did a massive amount of distro hopping from antix to fedora silverblue. I've settled on Pop OS for now as it's simple and 'Just Works' while letting me customize it to feel like home. Beyond that, I've been doing good - just working on projects and continuing to further my knowledge of the rust language.

Xinrui's ankle is still slowly healing but I'm hoping we can go do something outside in February. As things are getting warmer and the sunsets are getting more intense, nature has started to call me. Till next time ~


Everyone I know is getting COVID-19 so I imagine i'll be spending quite a lot of time at home again. Time to advance my learning of tricky javascript concepts + continue my journey learning rustlang ~

I recently ordered some new switches for my keyboard and will be doing my first ever 'lubing' of said switches and stabilizers. Hoping I don't make a mess but looking forward to the supposed meditative effect of the whole process.


Don't have much to share this time - just felt like writing and putting up this new picture. I finally have my new desktop running linux ("Endeavour OS btw") setup and customized to my likings. I'd like to thank everyone over at r/unixporn for the dotfiles and pure aesthetics.

I guess the photo for todays post should thematically be my new desktop setup but... I just got my dropbox all working again and found some old art stuff I made a year or two ago. This little rock cluster blurbily thing is one of those art pieces! I ran it through the standard `lid -m r` and thought it came out pretttttty good. Anyways - have a lovely rest of your year and see you in 2022 ~


Hi again! ~ Merry Christmas ~ if you celebrate such things. It almost snowed today in Seattle, which would've been the first time I've seen snowy earth since I lived in New York - aswell as the first time Xinrui has gotten to experience real snow. Alas - the elements didn't line up and all we got was wet mush melting away within 10 minutes.

I'm hoping that the 'Record Breaking' cold temperatures in the next few days might bring some actual powder to the Emerald City.


Hello! Welcome to my home away from home. Incase you're new here - I update this section every now and then with some recent life-news. I recently moved back to my home state of Washington. It's nice to be back in Seattle, surrounded by trees and drizzling clouds.