A New Blog (once again)

Posted on October 12, 2021

The Perfect Setup

Welcome to my fourth attempt at running a little petit micro blog. I’ve tried Hugo, React, Next, and now I’ve landed in haskell-land using Hakyll.

I’m experimenting with some extremley low file size limitations this time around. Long gone are the days of bloated React blogs with advanced CMS and intelligent routing. We’re rocking with plain html, unoptimized as god intended. I found this lovely tool Lid, made to degrade images into stylistically smaller files.

Here it is, applied to a photo I took on a hike. I think the abstract dithering gives it a different unique feeling compared to the original, and the greyscale makes it match the background and color palette of this site.

Anyways, back to haskell.

My previous attempts and immersing myself into the haskell ecosystem were full of confusion and errors. I believe my problem was using Haskell Platform. It left me blind to the power and effects of the tools I now had installed and available to use. This isn’t ideal in any ecosystem. Some of these problems are discussed in this message from the Haskell-community mailing list.

This time around I simply install stack. It turns out stack is surprisingly intuitive! It’ll bootstrap you a ‘local’ GHC installation via stack setup, scaffolds out basic projects with stack new <project_name>, and can launch ghci via the obvious stack ghci.

Here’s another photo smashed through Lid. I really rather like this style and am genuinely excited to mess around with it for use in this blog.